Tuesday, December 29, 2015

White Pines Christmas Card Workshop

Hello! It's been a while. I promise you I have continued to craft, but getting pictures and posts created has been sadly neglected due to life.

My daughter began tutoring back in October for dyslexia. That is taking up two afternoons a week, but I'm proud to say she is really flourishing now. Surprisingly, spelling is her favorite subject right now. My son has been having some medical issues. Today, we were supposed to travel downstate to see his urologist and get some tests done. However, Mother Nature decided to intervene with our first major snow storm all winter. For now, we have rescheduled for January. 

In the meantime, today I found myself with some extra time, and thanks to my new planner, keeping myself focused and on task has been easier. Without further adieu, here are some cards I created back in October.

I loved the clean design of this workshop, so I really didn't change much up. That Christmas tree stamp makes me think of something out of Dr. Seuss. 

Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas. 


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