Saturday, January 9, 2016

New Year Cards

After some debate, and liking the artwork I saw created with the November stamp of the month, I decided I NEEDED it. I would like to say thank you to all of you that helped enable me. Ha! As, if. ;)

I made a couple of New Year cards for my friends. I mostly used scraps from the Urban kit, but threw in some other papers to jazz it up, mainly the cranberry paper fundamentals to add that pop of color.

I didn't change anything up much, but when you're just wanting to get back into the crafting saddle after Christmas, with kids rushing through the house on their new scooters, and a half-crazed dog chasing them about, you feel lucky enough to have banged out four cards in an hour...between playing chef for finicky eater(s), and letting the dog out a hundred times so he can eat snow only to have to go back outside so..., and the tv blaring taking your sanity away. LOL Did I mention that I actually miss all that? I must be half-crazed like the dog.... Sheesh. 

Hey friends, let's make it a crafty day! It's therapy for the soul. *Hugs*


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