Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Base and Bling Necklace

I made this necklace over a month ago, but since it was a gift for my daughter, I decided to wait to premier it here on my blog.

I promise you that this little girl loves her necklace very much. She has worn it to school twice already, and wears it around the house, too. But I caught her on a day when she was clear full of sass. I constantly have to tell her to smile "normal". LOL

If you'd like to make your own necklace, supplies can be ordered from my website. The only tool that I really needed was our Liquid Glass. I added some glue to the inside of the pendant, and then laid the "sticker" on top of it. Then I gently pressed down until it was flat and wiped the excess glue up with a wet paper towel. Then, I added more liquid glass on top of the image, and adhered the glass front to it, being careful to press out any bubbles as I worked. The video clip that I can't seem to find today suggests you use baby wipes, but the wet paper towel worked fine for me. Liquid Glass starts to set within a minute. I set it aside and checked back with it every minute or two to make sure no new bubbles had appeared. It was completely finished in about 10 minutes. Then you just add whatever charms you'd like. 

My daughter loves owls. She has a big purple owl hat, an owl backpack, and even owl pj's. What a hoot! (Okay, well, I thought it was funny.)

I am hoping to create a necklace for myself soon. I do have allergies to certain metals, but I did wear Izzy's necklace for a short bit and had no problems with it. For about $10, you can create a one of a kind, unique to you, necklace. This is one product I hope we don't discontinue too soon. It's just plain fun.

Have a great day!


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