Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Birthday Invitation

My son turns 8 on the 8th. It's his special golden birthday. I am still unsure about what significant things I may do for him yet. Maybe we will plan a nice lunch somewhere after church. He really wants to go to the bowling alley.

So life has been super busy this past month, what with celebrating Izzy's birthday and then Mother's Day, and then our big camping adventure downstate. I barely had time to get his invites done in time. I will admit to checking into the quick photo invites you can get printed through Snapfish and pick up locally. I spent an hour designing an invitation only to discover that the price wasn't really just 55 cents per print. You had to buy 20 of them, and it depended on the printing service you went though what the final cost would be, based on photo or luxe paper. It would have cost me about $32 to print them. Guess I'm cheap; I wasn't willing to pay that much.

Fast forward, the following night was crunch time. I had to have them finished so they'd go home in his classmates Friday Folders. I ended up spending about 4 hours making up 20 invitations myself by hand. My lovely Cricut happily chirped along and I even used up a lot of discounted papers to create them with. If I had to guess, I probably had about $8 total into making them myself. I was able to cut out 2 invitation pockets per colored cardstock, and 4 ticket invites per white cardstock. 
I used Big Top stamp set, and followed the instructions from Kristine's Party Favors video. I didn't really change it up much. But since I was in a pinch, I decided not to be fussy with what scraps of paper I'd be using, and grabbed whatever was in my scrap drawer beneath my work desk. In this case, I had just a few small scraps of Moon Doggie left. It was my very first Close To My Heart workshop attendance. It all began with Moon Doggie, and I was hooked on Close To My Heart after that.

I used Lagoon, Sunset, Slate, and Black inks for my invitations. Jack was really excited to pass them out the next day, and one mom we passed in the hallway remarked at how crafty I was. Yeah, we'll go with crafty. Works for me!

Have a fun rest of your week! We're now in the home stretch! 


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  1. Happy (early) Birthday to your son! Your party invites are so stinkin' cute!