Friday, August 19, 2011

Dreamin' Cards

I have been Dreamin' again....

Tonight, I have several Dreamin' cards to share with you.

Don't you just love that bronze glitter glue? When paired with our Mocha opaques, you have a match made in Heaven.


Dreamin' L2 Paper
Dreamin' WOTG Stamp
Harvest Happiness Stamp
A Little Thanks Stamp
Pair-A-Phrase Stamp
Antique Copper Brads
Mocha Opaques
Bronze Glitter Glitz Gel
Colonial White Grosgrain Ribbon
Chocolate, Pacifica, Honey and Goldrush Inks
Watercolor Pencils
Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge
Wishes How-To-Program

I finally turned my Cricut on today and cut out those leaves. I got a little carried away and cut out some labels and even a circle card (YES!). There is a learning curve to this machine. I confess to getting supremely frustrated with it, and tried to call a few people I knew that had Cricuts, but alas, no one was home. As my dear friend Heather likes to say, I had to put my big girl pants on and figure it out. LOL (Thanks, Heather. Makes me laugh everytime.)

I discovered 2 problems when cutting. One, you have to use the "Shift" key (like we used to with old typewriters) in order to get the leaf to cut instead of a square. The 2nd problem was the blade...I had incorrectly installed it and it wouldn't cut my paper even though the machine said it was cutting. And wow...that sticky mat is like a glue trap for a mouse. LOL Except it doesn't smell like peanut butter. (Don't ask me how I know this.) Oops. I fear that I am rambling now....

Have a wonderful night!



  1. I love them as usual. Good for you, getting the big girl pants. I knew you could figure it out. luv ya girl!

  2. You did not call me. I would have set you on the straight and narrow. : ) Loving that cartridge A LOT!!! Lovely cards!

  3. Yes, the big girl pants are necessary sometimes! :) Good job jumping in and learning as you go, its the best way to get started. Agreed, I dread the brand new mat! I like mine better after I have peeled a few papers off of it! The leaves look awesome! Go cricut!

  4. Beautiful cards!! Love the "big girl pants" comment! Yes the new mats can be a pain. I've read it somewhere & tried it also, with the new mats, just touch the palm of your hands all over it to try to tone down that super stickiness. It does seem to help. And then later when the mat is losing it's stickiness, just clean it with a baby wipe. Just tried this one last week, worked like a charm!