Monday, August 8, 2011

A Wicked Card

I have had an incredible weekend. It was so nice to relax a little on Saturday and embrace my creativity. I even got to play with my kids.

Yesterday, I baked some cookies, and cinnamon rolls and prepared for my card workshop. Thank you, Diana, for spending your afternoon with me. :)

My husband came home with the kids towards late afternoon, and we got to play "scurvy pirates", my daughter's personal favorite game. I'm not sure who walked the plank more. LOL

Anyways, I finally got around to finishing my "Wicked" card. Thought I would share it with you.


White Daisy, Sunset Orange, Black & Grey Wool Cardstock
Wicked Stamp Set
Black Ink
Black Embroidery Floss
Paper Piercing Kit
Scoring Tool
Wishes How-To-Program

I started working on this card before my Mischief kit arrived.

If you would like a "Wicked" stamp of your very own, please contact me to find out more information.

Have a wonderful evening!


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