Friday, July 13, 2012

Retiring Colors for 2012

I wanted to give you a head's up on which colors will be retiring on August 1st, 2012.

Retiring Colors List
Grey Wool
Grey Flannel
Vanilla Cream
Brown Bag
Baby Pink
Sunkiss Yellow
Key Lime
Heavenly Blue
Lilac Mist
Holiday Red
Sunny Yellow
Dutch Blue
Vineyard Berry
Garden Green
Spring Iris
Pansy Purple

I will tell you that we have 3 new brown shades coming, 2 grey shades and 1 red. But if there are any in that list that you simply can't live without, please plan ahead on purchasing. I'm not sure if any of these will go to while supplies last in the coming months, so I wouldn't risk it if you really have to have some of these colors. 

Please remember...this affects markers, ink pads, and cardstock. You can order them here, or contact me to place an order.

I do my best to make sure you have this information as we get it so you can plan accordingly. Thank you for taking a moment out of your day to check in.


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