Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hooligans Altered Artwork

Good evening! I have been busy today cleaning house, following some more convention updates, cutting papers for my Lucky workshop coming up, and chatting with my lovely friends. It has been a very productive day.

I want to take a moment to wish Aunt Jo and Uncle Ernie a Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary! The kids and I attended their party, this evening, and all I can say is "Wow" about that cake! I was wishing I'd brought my camera with me. It looked like a wedding cake with luscious yellow roses and baby's breath on it. Gorgeous! And the lovely bride decorated it, herself. Amazing!

Well, I have been trying to think up an artwork post for alterable items, this week, over at Diana's Stamping Challenges. It just dawned on me that I made an alterable item back in April for my niece's 17th birthday. Marie lost her mom to breast cancer when she was 9-years-old. Karon was my best friend (and cousin), and is the very reason that I got into scrapbooking in the first place. There isn't a doubt in my mind that she is so happy for me starting my own scrapbooking business. She would've been my biggest cheerleader. So when I tried to think up a birthday present that a hip teenager would like, scrapbook pages didn't really fit the bill. I remembered seeing this cute project in the Fall/Winter 2010 idea book, and what you see below is the result of that.

This is front and back, and Marie will be able to hang it to show whatever side she wants to view at anytime. Kind of a chronicle of her life so far. By the way, Marie loved this.

So in memory of Karon, beloved and gone too soon, this post is for you. Love you, girl.



  1. Beautiful artwork! I'm amazed you've had time, lol! I'm just barely getting down to normal after convention week. Good tweeting with you btw!

  2. Beautiful!! Thanks for playing along!!