Saturday, July 16, 2011

Latest Happenings

Good morning, Saturday!

I think I am finally somewhat over all the craziness of updating myself on the Convention tweets, facebook, consultant boards, etc. So much new information to absorb....

Well, a few weeks ago, we found out that our son, Jack, is no longer allergic to eggs. This has been a major allergy we've had to cook and bake around since he was 2 years old. Although the test was rather traumatic (maybe more so for Jack's Mommy & Daddy), we are so happy to finally be able to serve this little guy Mama's freshed baked cookies, a favorite among the Bennett Clan.

Here is a picture of Jack taking his first bite of my special chocolate chip cookies.
Jack has pronounced them his "new favorite!" LOL

Chocolate Chip Cookie Nirvana.... LOL I don't know what it is about babies of the family, but Izzy, just like her Uncle Bennie, sneaks the most treats all the time. She loves anything chocolate, and has stolen Mama's secret stash more times than I care to count. I can laugh about it now...well, until the next time she does it again. :)

One more thing to share before I get started working on my Lucky scrapbook pages; Here is a picture of Miss Brianna creating her version of a sympathy card at my workshop last Sunday.

Brianna likes to make birthday cards, and so I gave her free reign over a few stamp sets to play around with and see what she could come up with. I always love to see fresh new designs, and this talented friend always comes up with something wonderful. Thanks, Brianna, for letting me share your lovely card on my blog.

Hopefully, I will have some Lucky artwork to share with you soon. Have a wonderful Saturday!


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  1. Such cute kids you have! Glad the allergy is a thing of the past! Whew!