Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Chalk It Up Preschool Layout

My kids went back to school today. I asked them on the way to school if they had butterflies, and they both got confused. My very logical third grader said "It's almost Fall, Mom. Why would we see butterflies?" My first grader kept looking around, asking "Where are the butterflies?" LOL 

I have to remind myself that said first grader takes everything literally. When she was two, she liked to color on herself and the walls, tables...everything. One day, I saw her running across the floor with some markers and quickly stopped her to make sure they were the washable kind. "These markers are washable; you can play with them." I went on about my chores and after a few minutes realized I was hearing the water run in the bathroom. Any mother will tell you that with a two year old, you need to investigate. Turns out that Izzy took me literally; I DID say "washable".

Anyways, after that story, I have another Chalk It Up school layout to share with you. 
Ironically, these pictures showcase Izzy at the exact age she was during the "washable marker" incident. Jack was four years old in these pictures, just starting preschool. 

I used Picture My Life cards, the Chalk It Up Workshop On The Go kit and also used the convention stamp and chevron border punch that my friend Celina sent me. This is a nod to Celina and her husband's desert sand cardstock, not kraft (wink, wink).

I spent more hours on this layout than I meant to. Every time I felt stuck, I walked away and then came back to it. I think it has the right balance now, but what was bugging me was all the "white space". However, the desert sand cardstock really pulls out the colors my son was wearing in the photos, and after all, that's the point.

Have a great night!



  1. Look at all you have created over this past holiday weekend! All I've done is nap! I can't wait to show Greg your layouts. Your kids are just precious. I also love the photos of

  2. Jagger. Such a sweet face! I have no dog advice, sorry!
    Big hugs!!
    PS--your wood floors are gorgeous! Who knew a layout could highlight kids, pets, and flooring so beautifully!! Love it!!

  3. I think your layout is great and what cute pictures! I always love to read your little stories about your kiddos!

  4. I got so much amusement out of this, Casandra! I'll go backwards: I LOVE your layout and the photos are so adorable of Jack Daniels and Izzy! When you mentioned the "white space" on the layout, I smiled. I have only done one two-volume scrapbook in my life and that was of the twins' first year. As a CAS cardmaker, you can imagine me having the exact opposite trouble with finding things to fill in all that white space like one is expected to do with scrapbooks. BTW, scrapbooking is very time-consuming and HARD!!

    The other thing was your cute story of Izzy washing the markers. It's interesting to watch as your kids get to an age when they can do more conceptual thinking and even recognize when you are using cliches or sarcasm. We always say that we are "losing our marbles." Then the day came when my son's old collection of marbles was uncovered in the garage and the twins were quite excited! They were able to figure out that we meant something was wrong inside our heads, but not that we weren't being literal about marbles being up there, so they were happy for us that we had found them! Hugs, Darnell