Monday, September 15, 2014

Happy Birds Artiste Card

It is time to face reality. Our furnace kicked on during the night for the first time, this season. Of course, little girl leaving her window ajar probably didn't help matters. When I went in to wake her up this morning, Izzy yawned, stretched, and snuggled into me with a sleepy smile and a "I'm cold". Well, duh. 

The other day, this same little girl was caught sneaking off to her room with nail polish, after I told her no. When I asked for the nail polish back, she denied taking it (at first). After another round of questioning, she caved. "No, I didn't take it...okay; I did. I was testing my limits." I couldn't help myself; a giggle, followed quickly by another, escaped. Before I knew it, Izzy was laughing, too. 

Here's what you really stopped by for:

I made a card a few weeks ago and forgot to post it here to my blog. (Oops.) 
I found inspiration from one of our old idea books, Autumn/Winter 2012. I wanted to highlight some of the pretty patterns from Brushed. Is it just me or does anyone else see retired Veranda in that green paper? I cut the sentiment from our Artiste cricut cartridge. 

Paper: Brushed, Canary CS, White Daisy CS, Desert Sand CS (CTMH)
Stamps: Happy Birds, Art Philosophy (CTMH)
Inks: Chocolate (CTMH)
Tools: Paper-Piercer, Micro-Tip Scissors, Clear Detail Embossing Powder, Alcohol Markers, Craft Heater, Glue Pen, Artiste Cartridge (CTMH)
Other: Sparkle Flourish, Bitty Sparkles, Chocolate Embroidery Floss (CTMH)

One of the patterns from Brushed paper has this cool ombre effect; it really makes the sentiment pop. 



  1. Beautiful card and great story! I have 2 girls and its hard not to laugh! My oldest was practicing driving and missed the take-out window. She had to stop the car, get out and pay for her order. I got this on film too:)

  2. This card is gorgeous! Gosh and welcome to many more "I'm testing my limits" stories to come!

  3. That's a very pretty thank you card, Casandra!! I loved your story about Izzy. You can laugh now, but I think you've got yourself a handful there come high school, lol!! If you can just make it through, I'll bet she ends up doing great things with her life!! (Look at what my imagination can make out of a nail polish lie!!) Hugs, Darnell

  4. So sorry about the furnace--it's still hot in AZ. Izzy is hilarious! Your card is very pretty. I love that paper for sentiments. Brilliant! I didn't quite know how I felt about it, but now it's fabulous.

  5. Great card; but I have to say the story sort of steals the post! hahaha Love the creativity in your card and your little one has definitely inherited some of that creative genius! ; )