Sunday, April 16, 2017

Enchantment Shine Layout

I actually shared this layout once before, but without pictures. I couldn't resist updating you with the pictures in place.

Isn't this sweet? The pictures are from a Daddy/Daughter dance my loves attended last year. This is about the time that life got really crazy for us, but we took a small time-out for the things that matter most. 

My husband was wearing this dark green and blue plaid dress shirt and my daughter had on the perfect purple dress and sweater. I'm sad that she has already outgrown this outfit, but I think we will be passing it on to a little school friend who has mentioned several times how much she loves that dress. And she has the same name as my sweet girl.

Tomorrow, I am going to share with you a baby boy album I created in a 24-hour time kidding. You'll have to stop in again to see this one.

Happy Easter!


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