Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fanfare Workshop

As previously promised, I now have the Fanfare scrapbook pages ready for you to preview. Because I completed these pages back in March, the last 2 pages already have pictures on them.

I will have your pages precut and ready for assembly. Buttons will be threaded and we will use glue dots to adhere them to save you time. (Sewing the buttons on my own pages took close to 2 hours.) One more note to pass along, I do not own the alphabet stamp pictured on the first 4 pages, so we will improvise with a different alphabet stamp set. Thank you for understanding. :)
These pages are so fun and can be used for any celebration theme, Summer, holiday, etc. As you can see from Pages 7 and 8, I used them for Jack's preschool Valentine's Day party. Psst. If you ever go to St. Francis Credit Union and can't figure out why they are out of suckers, hehe, this is why. LOL

Can't wait to teach you how to make these pages faster, simpler and easier!


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